20 Best Portable Camping Toilets Of 2021

What do you do when you have a bathroom emergency during a camping trip? Of course, you can always go to the woods and use the bushes. However, that can be unhygienic and dangerous. It can especially be dangerous in Australia. So, what can you do?

Countless experts have revolutionized the toilet system and bring you some of the best portable camping toilets in 2021. Now, listing the top 20 can be quite a daunting task. Even you wouldn’t want to be perplexed by countless choices.

Ergo, we are listing down the top ten options that are available at lofty discounts on Paydaydeals. These are all world-class selections, and if you need them, you can combine them. This is your personalized list with which you can customize your portable toilets. With that in mind, let’s begin the list:

1.   Weisshorn Shower Tent Ensuite

Do you love privacy and don’t want to change or bathe in public? Then you need a shower tent. Something that is premium-grade and durable but under your budget. Here you have an excellent option for a single person to change or shower into. It is easy to install and lightweight due to fibreglass addition.

A double-sided zipper door, incredible ventilation, and mesh make it a worthwhile addition. More importantly, you can carry it anywhere you like.

2.   Weisshorn Pop-Up Camping Shower

What if you need something that gives a feeling of a bathroom? The second one is entirely on the mark with the pop-up mechanism. You can install it and get it ready to work within minutes. That’s right!

It comes with additional storage inside for toiletries and other necessary stuff. Furthermore, there is a carry bag for you to fold it can take it. The fabric is waterproof, and the entire structure is quite sturdy.

3.   Portable Outdoor Gas Water Heater

Any camping toilet would be incomplete without a proper water supply. If you need hot or warm water, you will need a gas heater. This one can heat around 460 liters of water per hour. It is a gas water heater and comes with a showerhead, so you won’t need to use a separate body, either.

It is lightweight and can warm the water up to 50 celsius conveniently. There are many useful features like LED display, flow adjustments, and so on.

4.   Weisshorn Portable Water Heater

If you need a more convenient water heater, this might satiate your requirements. The chrome water heater is lightweight and easy to carry. It has automatic functions like cutoffs to prevent excessive heating or waste of resources.

It can provide a flow of up to 8 litres per minute and is convenient for both summer and winter, both. The lightweight makes it great for multi-purpose use, not just for camping. You can take it for car wash and other tasks, as well.

5.   Portable Outdoor Camping Toilet

Get the comfort of an actual toilet while camping. The portable outdoor camping toilet can withstand up to 120kgs of weight and works with bags to clean the environment. Thus, you can do your business and get rid of things in an eco-friendly manner.

Thus, you add the utmost convenience to your camping trip. Of course, you should pair this with camping tents for privacy.

6.   Weisshorn Portable Camping Toilet

Here is a more comfortable and convenient option with advanced design. This one is highly durable and comes with a built-in tank for water reserves. Of course, you can detach it to fill the water and bring it back.

The camping toilet provides 80 flushes per tank and offers the utmost convenience. You won’t have to worry about disposing of your business, either. It is a hygienic and personal addition to your entire trip.

7.   Weisshorn Complete Camping Toilet Set (Double)

If you like the above-given recommendation but need more value for money, this one might be great for you. First of all, it has shower tents with more space, suitable for up to two people to change at once.

Then you get a portable toilet and carry bags. Overall, it becomes a highly affordable choice for people that travel with others and would like to carry their bathrooms.

8.   Weisshorn Portable Camping Toilet Set (Single)

If you don’t need the double tents but a single addition, here is another choice. This one comes with a single tent for showering or changing and a portable toilet. You can use all of these together and then fold them to carry them with you.

It is a sturdy construct, very durable, and capable of withstanding any kind of obstacle. The same quality and reliability of the above-given additions are available in a combo at an affordable price.

9.   Portable Camping Toilet Kit (Double)

Once again, you have the same combination of double tents, but the portable toilet has an upgrade. You get extra storage inside the shower tents to store your toiletries. This one also comes with a portable camping toilet with water tanks and a flushing system.

It is an excellent addition at a little higher cost but an equally lucrative discount. You can never go wrong with this kit for a wholesome family camping experience.

10. Single Portable Camping Toilet Set

Here is something for a person camping solo. You get the portable toilet with flush and tanks, plus a changing shower tent. That’s not all you get! There are bags to carry them easily.

This is another one of the high-value additions with premium constructs. Thus, you can make different combinations or go for this combo as it is.


So, whether you’re planning the next hiking trip, or exploring a place, take your reliable portable toilet with you. Remember, it all breaks down to the ease of portability, your budget, and the convenience a portable toilet can bring.

As long as you know these things, you can get anything. How about you give different combinations a try? Whatever you decide to do, you can relish that these are the top-notch toilet systems available for camping.

So go ahead and ease up your camping trips with the best.