Where Is The Switchboard In A House And How To Fix It

Imagine a scenario – you’re home with your family, loved ones, even friends, and suddenly there is a blackout. You look out the window and find that only your lights aren’t working.

It could be a problem with your house’s electrical supply. It could be a fuse short or something else. But here’s a twist – you don’t know where the switchboard is. So, you can’t fix it and might have to call an electrician.

The point is – everyone should know where the switchboard is in a house. And everyone should know how to fix it, at least the minor issues, if not the big ones. So, let’s shed some more light on it.

The Location Of A Switchboard In A House

Older, classic homes still have switchboards in basements or the garage. If you have one of the older layouts of homes, you will find it there. The garage is usually a popular choice, even today, as it is easier to access.

In most houses, you will find switchboards located more towards the outside. For instance, it could be at the front of the house or the side of the house. Usually, it is the exterior of the house.  This ensures that any electrician will easily access the switchboard and the electricity meter for the reading.

Many switchboards are installed inside the house, like in the garage, while the electricity meter is outside.

So, an excellent place to search is by finding the electricity meter in your house. If you find that, you can find the main switchboard. You can also contact an electrician and change the location of your switchboard.

For Apartments And Buildings

Most buildings and apartments will also have switchboards on the front side. However, your individual switchboard would most likely be in the apartment’s wooden cupboard or similar design. It could be near the kitchen or the house entrance, whichever is more practical.

Check The Blueprints Or Layout

If you’re unaware of the location of the switchboard, you can always contact an electrician. If you don’t want to do that, you can check the blueprints or the house’s layout. The plans for the house will have the information. If there were a recent renovation, it would be easier for you to find these plans.

How To Fix The Switchboard?

Typically, if it is a short fuse, or other similar problems, like switching or changing the power supply, you can do it yourself. However, a switchboard can be full of dangers, and it is better to call for an expert, a well-versed electrician. They would have complete information and knowledge about the Main switchboard structures. If you can’t figure out the problem, then call them. Otherwise, you can stick to the simple solutions but don’t take unnecessary risks. You could always opt for a certification course to be more well-versed.

Besides, try not to solve the switchboard problems yourself without expert supervision or advice.