Exploring Australia in a 4X4

Australia is a beautiful country with beaches and mountains. Some of the main attractions of Australia are the beaches, forests, and mountains. People love to explore them and do activities like trekking, hiking and more. However, if you are someone that prefers road trips to such places rather than booking a tour, then this article is for you. We have taken recommendations from locals, travellers and 4X4 owners about the tracks and the paths that are best for 4X4 driving and where the best sight-seeing is. If you are looking to update your 4X4 before the trip and want to add new tonneau covers, look no further. Here you will not only get quality products but also you will get value for your money.

  1. Eyre Peninsula

It is said that the Eyre Peninsula is one of the country’s hidden gems. Meaning if you want to avoid the tourists and want to enjoy some alone time on a beach, this one is for you. It isn’t one of those places that are tropical rather it can be a little dangerous due to the high population of sharks in the area, however, the coastal line is breathtaking. It is known to serve one of the best seafood in the country and can be a good spot to release all that stress. When traveling in a 4X4, you should camp at Port Lincoln. You can even enjoy testing your ride onto the sand dunes they have there for a fun adventure.

  • Mount Augustus

Mount Augustus is a huge rock. It is known as the world’s biggest rock. If you like to road trip and see some of the wonderful things created by nature like this rock, then this destination is for you. The road around is approximately 49 km and it is a great stopover point and is also excellent to test your 4X4 there.

  • Western Desert

If you love to travel in Australia, then you must also love the desert too. The desert can be an amazing destination if you want to test your 4X4 on sand dunes, have an adventurous time or want to spend some alone time in the open field. It is relaxing and helps you feel rejuvenated.

  • The Pilbara

It is a mountainous region in Australia that is known to be beautiful and magnificent. You can camp at Kariniji National Park and explore the area. There are scenic rivers as well as amazing 4WD tracks that you can test your ride on. They also have the largest rock carvings in the world.

The beauty of Australia is immeasurable and it is definitely a country worth the exploration. If you have a 4X4 and the opportunity to take a drive alongside the coastal areas or the desert, then our recommendation would be to definitely give it a go as the country is full of spots that need exploring.