Travel Advice and Restrictions Because of Covid-

The covid-19 pandemic has indeed reshaped our lives in every possible way. From an increased dependence on remote working to an ever-increasing number of takeaways and home deliveries, the daily norms of our lives have completely changed. Students are no longer required to attend regular classes but virtual lectures can do just fine for them. Same is the case with countless businesses, which are functioning remotely. Conversely, there are several industries which have experienced a massive increase in the influx thus demanding added human resource to meet the demands. These include the healthcare sector, the IT sector as well as the manufacturing and retail sector.

If there is one industry that has been hit worst by the global pandemic, it would be the hospitality industry followed by the aviation industry. For most of the 2nd quarter of the year, flights were completely halted around the globe and there was a strict travel ban due to the adverse risk of Coronavirus. This also led to the closure of hotels and a decline in tourism which cost the global economy a lot. However, as the risk factor continues to minimize but a fear of a second wave looms hotels like are beginning to open amid the pandemic and travel bans have slowly been lifted by a large number of countries for a large number of airlines.

If you are planning to travel anytime soon, keep these few Covid-19 specific tip that might come in handy

  1. Carry a Mask & Face Shield: Even though most of the airlines are providing masks, face shields and hand sanitizers for free, it is best advised that you keep one handy in your hand back and put it on BEFORE you board the plane. Look around for people close to you who are not wearing a mask and politely ask them to wear the mask or they can potentially get coronavirus.
  2. Be Mindful of Social Distancing: Most aeroplanes are already flying at 1/3rd the total capacity in order to maintain social distancing.TO be mindful of the social distancing rules, make sure that you maintain a 6ft plus gap between yourself and the next in line customer while on the immigration counter. Also make sure that the aeroplane staff doesn’t make you share the seat row with any other customer because according to the global rules, customers cannot share seats or aisles while on the flight.  
  3. Get Tested Before you Travel: It is very important that you get tested for Covid-19 before you travel. You can get the test done at the airport itself or you can choose to board a later flight, go home and get the test done early in the day. A lot of aeroplanes also require a recent Covid-19 report in order to keep a strict check on their customers.

With all this travel advice and restriction in place, you don’t have to be disheartened because all of this is just to facilitate your travel and open up the borders of other countries for you.