Backpacking & Budget Travel Guide for Australia

 Almost every individual wants to travel and explore the world, but mostly their budget does not allow them to turn their dream into reality. In this case, only backpacking can help them to fulfil their dream. Backpacking is a form of low budget and independent traveling. It includes travelling on public transports, interacting with residents, camping, and exploring the country at a very low budget. Individuals even in a low budget can enjoy a lot while backpacking, by following the given tips especially when adventuring across the Aussie land:

Eat local food

While travelling, eating food at restaurants can cost a lot of money. To backpack Australia staying in a budget, you are advised to eat local or street food. The street food of Australia like meat pie, fillet, corn dogs, and hamburgers are equally delicious and nutritious as that of the restaurant’s food. Another tip to save money is to, visit a local store, grab your favourite food items, and cook them at home.

Visit Campervan Parks

Australia is home to a lot of campervan parks. To enjoy your backpacking trip to the fullest, you just need to browse campervan park locations and select the best campervan park out of all. In campervan parks, you can take part in a lot of activities like camping, enjoying a bonfire, going to the gym, swimming, and playing golf. Some of the best campervan parks in Australia are BIG4 Adventure Whitsunday Resort, BIG4 Middleton Beach Holiday Park, and Sydney Lakeside Holiday Park.

 Use public transport

Using public transport in Australia can save you from parking problems, parking tickets, and most importantly it can help you save money. Almost every city of Australia has the best public transportation service. Other than public transport, to stay in budget, you can also walk through the city to explore and enjoy more.

Find an economical accommodation

In the larger cities of Australia like Sydney and Melbourne hotel charges can be high and can disturb your whole budget. If you are a backpacker and are trying to travel on a low budget then, you need to find inexpensive lodging. Backpackers who want to save money can stay at youth hostels or at a friend’s house.


For backpacking trips, sightseeing in Australia is the best activity. Australia offers a lot of beautiful things to see for free including our personal favourite Blue Mountains. Many museums in Australia do not have an entry ticket, you can walk on the harbor Bridge for free, and can also admire the natural beauty of Northern Queensland without paying even a single penny.

Take your water bottle with you

Buying a water bottle can be extremely costly. Moreover, you are also not sure whether the water is fit for consumption or not. You are advised to always keep your own water bottle with you and to refill it before leaving your hotel. Doing this will not only save money but also provide you clean and purified water.