Going on an Aussie Outback Adventure?

Australian Outback begins before sunrise. That is the most unreasonable time to get up, but necessary for people who want to explore deeper into the bush. As the sun rises, the red dirt that gives the continent another name – “The Red Centre”-, starts glowing in the light. Your bus/van will tear past the mulga trees the indigenous Australians used to make their digging sticks, several Kangaroos will appear in the Spinifex grass.

The Northern Territory Outback offers several beautiful features and feels remote. So, when planning for an outback adventure, here is the checklist to use.

Hiking Shoes

When planning to do the famous hikes like the King’s Canyon and Kata Tjuta, you will have to pack a quality pair of hiking shoes in your 4×4 camper trailer. The terrain is dusty and rocky and the pair of sturdy trainers or hiking shoes will make your walking easier. And if you want to combat the heat of the day, you should try something different from the closed shoes. An additional pair of flip-flops or sandals will work magic.

Warm Trousers

You do not want to walk in the hostile environments in shorts, considering that everything in Australia might kill you. Loose airy trousers will cover your legs without making you very hot. If you are not scared of anything in Australia, you will be more comfortable in a pair of shorts. Pack one pair of leggings with you regardless of the target destinations. Leggings are comfortable and they will take a little space. You can wear them during the day or in the evening.


Considering how hot it might get, you will need to wear a light top or t-shirt during the day, particularly if you are planning to hike. After the hiking is over and the sun sets, you will start feeling chilly. Bring some long-sleeved thermal shirts with you for a cover-up. You might not be among the people who suffer the cold, but you should pack an extra hoodie. For people who prefer sleeping in a tent, the hoodie will keep you warm throughout the night.


A wide brim hat will protect your head from direct sunlight. If you are planning to visit in winter, you will have to bring a beanie to wear when it gets cold. When outside the cities, you will realize how dark the nights can get. A headlamp or a flashlight will light up your paths. To keep away the flies, you will have to wear fly nets over your hat. You might think that their look is ridiculous until some flies get to your mouth, nose, and ears.

Other essentials

If a fly net looks ridiculous to you, fly repellent cream will come in handy. The cream is effective, but you will have to reapply it several times throughout the day. A reusable water bottle will keep you hydrated when walking. You will manage to refill it at the camps, but you will not get a shop to sell you the water you need. If you are a swimming enthusiast, pack your swimwear, because you will find many swimming pools and watering holes.