Top 5-Blue Mountains Tourist Locations

The Blue Mountains in Australia is known for its stunning beauty and numerous breathtaking attractions that make tourists from far and beyond to flock this World Heritage region. Its name is derived from the slate-colored haze caused by the fine mist of oil from the huge eucalypts forming a dense canopy that covers the landscape deep. The area has inaccessible valleys dotted with chiseled sandstone outcrops that create panoramic and picturesque scenery defining every aspect of its natural beauty. You can consider taking your next adventure mission to the top 5 Blue Mountains tourist locations in the region to marvel at one of Australia’s scenic places.

  1. The Three Sisters Tours
    The Three Sisters is named that describes the ancient rock formation found at the heart of Blue Mountain National Park a few kilometers from the town of Katoomba. The three stones bear the mystical dimensions in the famous Aboriginal Dreamtime stories which give a vivid account of three sisters who once lived in Jamison Valley. The trio fell in love with three brothers whom they were forbidden to marry from their tribe. However, this historical landmark is a popular tourist destination which you can view it at Echo Point. You can access the place by car or train from Sydney.
  2. Scenic World
    Scenic World is located at Blue Mountains UNESCO World Heritage Site and it gives you a rare chance to do an exploration of the mountains and its surrounding from all angles. You can choose to ride overhead using a cable car, take a hike through the valley floor or use the train to pass through the mountain tunnels. This way, you will discover the impressive scenery that makes Blue Mountain National Park an ideal tourist destination. You can reach there by public transport or ride a train from Central Sydney before taking a bus from Katoomba to the Scenic World.
  3. Wentworth Falls Tours
    Wentworth Falls is situated 60 miles west of Sydney. This location is well known for its eponymous waterfalls which gives it that magical scene that attracts scores of visitors every day. Apart from that, the town has numerous walking and hiking trails, BBQ and picnic spots, an Aboriginal site and the charming downtown dotted with historic buildings and coffee shops at your disposal. The easiest way to arrive at Wentworth Falls is by car or a 2-hour train ride from Central Sydney.
  4. Echo Point Tours
    Echo Point is the most recognized places in the Blue Mountains National Park. It’s well known as the best point to view the Three Sisters and the entire scene around the Blue Mountains region. On top of that, you can still take the Giant Stairway leading down the valley for more adventures.
  5. Katoomba
    Katoomba is the most visited tourist location in the entire Blue Mountains region. This is where Echo Point is located and visitors can easily view the Three Sisters rocks as well as Scenic World among other attractions. Even though it is just a small town, Katoomba offers a wide range of accommodations, shopping and dining options for travelers. To arrive there, you can take a car from central Sydney or ride a train which is likely to take you 90 minutes and 2 hours from Central Sydney respectively.

Blue Mountains National Park has many attractions that make visitors come each day across the year. With a well-developed transport system and its close proximity to Central Sydney, the park has attracted many tourists both locally and international.