Simple Ways to Ease Into A Meditation Practice

After a long busy day, you would wish to relax and quite their mind. You would wish to wash away the stress you’ve had a long the day and would want to be happy and calm towards the night. There is no better way of doing so than easing into a meditation practice. Learning meditation practices is easy and its benefits are rewarding. Here are some simple ways to ease into a meditation practice which can be beneficial to anyone willing to try them out.

1. Find a favourite mantra

A mantra is a simple phrase or word that you recite silently before meditation. The chant is essential as it helps your mind focus on something specific regarding your thoughts. You may use a favourite phrase like a bible verse, a favourite song, poem or such. These phrases force your mind to focus on them specifically and avoid any additional thoughts.

2. Look for a comfortable location to sit

Often, meditation requires a silent location with minimal disruptions. Most people like sitting on the floor with legged crossed. This, however, isn’t the only position for meditation. You can sit on the floor, on the chair or against the wall. You can even support yourself with a blanket, a pillow, or cushions. The main aim is to sit in an upright position while remaining comfortable. You shouldn’t lie on your back. It is easy to fall asleep in this position. You can still try it if you find sitting uncomfortable.

3. Close your eyes gently and start taking deep breaths

By closing your eyes, you are no longer distracted by anything you see. It is easier to focus on other sensations or senses when your eyes are closed. Since you have avoided many external distractions by closing your eyes, focus on your breathing as well. Don’t time or modify your breathing patterns. Just breathe normally. There are no appropriate breathing patterns or techniques when you want to fall into meditation. Every time you are distracted, be aware of the distraction and bring your attention back.

4. Start reciting your mantra silently

You then can start reciting your mantra silently in a relaxed and gentle mode. You don’t have to force it. The mantra also doesn’t have to relate to your breathing. Just do it naturally. At some point, they may coincide, but this shouldn’t distract you or force you to do it in a certain rhythm. You should recite it effortlessly. The mantra sometimes repeats itself in your head automatically without you having to recite it. More like you are listening to yourself.

5. Don’t try emptying your mind

Sometimes when meditating, your mind drifts away from the mantra you are reciting. This is normal for anyone. You only need to flow with your mind. Don’t force it to return to your mantra, you may be distracted on the way. Instead, silently repeat the mantra again slowly and you will find your mind returning to its normal state.

A meditation practice shouldn’t be a long tiresome process. Your main aim is to focus. If you follow the above ways you will easily ease into a meditation practice.

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