Saving for an Overseas Trip. Find out How You Can Save Online.

It is always good to save on online purchase, but you should go for the right items. Perhaps you have fallen in love with a couch online, but after it arrives, you realized that it does not fit in your home or it is not as comfortable as it appeared on the photos. Most online sellers photograph their furniture pieces under studio lights and that alone makes the colours and fabrics to look very different on a screen. In addition to that, it can be hard to tell whether the furniture piece will fit in your space. But if you can spot the right quality then buying furniture online can save you a fortune. But how? You ask. Well, you can save money online when buying furniture by considering the following tips.

–  Keep items in your shopping carts

Most online retailers will alert you whenever the price of a furniture piece has reduced. Most retailers do not use price drop alerts though the method is trending in email marketing. Start by creating an account on the shopping site and keep logged with your cart. That way, you will receive numerous alerts. You can open a separate email account for the online shopping to avoid numerous spams and promotions in your regular email account. You can get quality from Affordable furniture from

–  Check for discounts on retail sites

To buy more furniture pieces at a lower price, you just need to look for deep discounts especially on returned items, common on some retail sites Before purchasing, you should remember to check the main reason for discounts. Mostly, the sites will discount the items because the buyers opened the box, some stitching came out loose or an item has scratches on it. Some items will only need a few repairs done.

–  Sign up for loyalty clubs and email discounts

Most retailers reward 10-15 per cent off coupons to buyers who sign up for email discounts and loyalty clubs. Use your online email account to reduce the chances of bulking up your regular email account with promotions and spams. If junk emails are cluttering your inbox, you should decide on which to unsubscribe. Some online tools can also help you summarize the emails each day.

–  Shop online but pick the items from the local store

When you are not eligible for the free shipping, you should request to order the furniture piece and collect it from the local store. At times, you will be lucky to collect the item immediately after ordering if the items are in stock.

–  Plan the big purchases depending on seasonal trends

Retailers mark down some items, particularly when purging the old items to create more room for the new items. They highly discount outdoor furniture in fall. The same happens for some outdoor tools such as grills and lawnmowers.

–  Use Google’s shopping tab

Google’s shopping tab will help you compare the prices before you purchase on any retailer’s site. Type in the name of the item you need on the Google shopping tab. You will get the prices at a glance on various retailer sites. PriceBlink offers a similar feature, but it is a button that you have to add on your browser’s toolbar.

–  Check for coupons,, and are some of the sites that provide coupons on furniture pieces. You might need to check for coupons before landing on one particular item to save more. Check more sites because they will generate promo codes at different times.

–  Use cash-back credit cards

To take a large slice out of your purchase price, you should us rewards or cash-back credit cards. Depending on the cash-back credit card and the furniture piece you are purchasing, you will be able to save around 1-5 per cent on the purchase price’s or even more. Some sites will require you to pay the full price and then provide you with cash back as statement credit or rebate. Credit cards come with the caveat that you will have to pay off the balance after the bill has arrived. Paying the interest on credit cards is a great way of negating your savings.

To buy more furniture pieces at a lower price, you have to keep researching new strategies. Look for discounts on the items you have always dreamt of and combine them with coupons. That way, you will get quality items at a lower price.