Behind the Scenes: A Look at the Day-to-Day Operations of a Dental Clinic

Just like a theatre presentation is always different from the preparation, which we don’t get to see until we are backstage or present at the time of the shooting. Many people chip in and play different roles to get the job done. Everything is fast-paced, so the work can be delivered on time as required. Each person is assigned a job that they have to do in correlation to their co-worker.

When you enter a dental clinic, you might be shocked to know how many people work in synchronisation to complete the task at hand, from receptionist to dental assistant, to the dental assistant to the dentist, and hygienist. A whole bunch of people are working as a team to improve your oral health. If you want to open your own dental clinic, here are some tips on starting your own dental clinic with the right people for staff.

Office Receptionist

A receptionist is usually the first person you encounter when you enter a clinic. They are responsible for many things like attending your calls, booking, cancelling and rescheduling your appointments, along with dealing and assisting with payment and insurance issues. Receptionists handle most of the front and end work on their part. All this is done to let the appointments move smoothly.

Dental Office Manager

As the name suggests, dental office manager, his work varies on a daily basis as he has a lot on his plate to deal with. He is one of the important people in the office who looks after the entire operation and ensures the office operates smoothly. From workplace hire to terminating staff, from collecting bills to dealing with patient payments, and ordering office supplies, a dental manager is responsible for everything in between.

Dental Assistant

These people are medically trained and are certified in their line of field. These people are responsible for one of the most important tasks, such as keeping you safe, preparing you for the treatment, assisting with a dental procedure, sterilising the equipment, setting up instruments and trays, recording treatment information, taking care of supplies, providing post-operative instructions, etc. Dental assistants make sure you are comfortable and have everything to make your visit worth the time and money.


The dentist is the primary person who oversees all the operations, treatment and attending to the patients. A dentist has a licence to practise dentistry, a BDS/DDS/DMD degree and an NDEB certification. Dentists only attend to patients but have a lot of responsibility and obligations towards the patients, some of which are:

  • Give instructions specific to every patient to prevent any oral health problems.
  • Diagnosing the patient’s oral conditions.
  • Suggesting and performing the necessary operation/treatment for the betterment of the patient’s oral health.
  • Restoring the teeth to their original condition, like filling and crowning.
  • Providing cosmetic and dental surgery for a better smile.
  • Assistance in detecting any oral cancer, heart disease, diabetes etc.

Based on their knowledge and experience, they tend to give the best advice and treatment for every individual so that they can have a healthy oral condition with a shining smile. For the best treatment and services, check out the Malvern dental clinic.

Dental Hygienist

A dental hygienist is like a mini dentist with a dental hygiene diploma or a bachelor’s program. They clean the patient’s teeth and give them a home regime to follow up on a care routine for better oral health. Their profession also includes doing x-rays, dental impressions, cleaning and polishing of teeth, applying fluoride, guiding you with tools and techniques for best oral results, getting involved in the checkup with your dentist to assess the situation well and give you the best advice.

Dental hygienists play an essential role in cleaning your teeth because despite your best efforts at home, there are still places where it’s hard to clean, and you need a professional to clean it up for you, which helps you to avoid developing oral disease.

Overall view

It’s a fast-paced working environment with patients waiting in line in this busy 21 century. Each patient is given a certain amount of time for the entire procedure, and no extra second is wasted. A great office always has a great staff, but that’s not the only thing making it great. Synchronisation and team effort make it possible to run the place. They all work together in favour of the patient and learn new things every day because of advancements and techniques developing day by day to make everyday efficient.


It all looks smooth and fluent when you walk into a clinic like everyone knows what to do and which thing will go where and what to do in emergencies. This may not be the case initially, but working together with someone makes you aware of how to operate efficiently.